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Reflexology is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and the related symptoms that stress can cause. It is a healing experience through deep relaxation or stimulation that allows the body to initiate its own internal healing mechanism.

What does a reflexology session include?

The client is completely dressed sitting or lying on a massage table. The feet are exposed and the therapist begins by applying relaxation techniques to the feet and then acupressure-like strokes to the feet. The client may feel some tender areas, but is soon relieved as the reflexology is continued. The bottom of the foot has over 7,000 nerve endings so it is very adaptable and responsive to sensory input from the Central nervous System.


Reflexology is an alternative and complementary approach to health and well-being. A reflexologist does not diagnose or prescribe but rather applies pressure to points on the feet to let the body's curative forces take effect. According to the American Medical Association, 90% of all illnesses are stress related.

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