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$75 Gift Card Sparx

$75 Gift Card Sparx


Gift card may be applied to any product or service offered by JL Therapeutics.  JL Therapeutics will contact you to arrange for delivery or pickup of your gift card(s). In order to receive your free $20 gift card, your total order purchase must total $100 or more.

Please feel free to call us at 248-301-9777.

  • How it works....

    • In the "To" section, enter the name of the recipient as you'd like it to appear on the card (which may differ from the mailing name).
    • In the "From" section, enter the name of the individual giving the gift (which may differ from the credit card user's name).
    • The card will be shipped to the address provided in the check-out process.  If it's different than that of the credit card holder, please ensure that the billing and shipping addresses are different.
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