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Prenatal Massage Rochester MI

It goes without saying that therapeutic massage is something that has been around for hundreds of years. People like to see the best massage therapist in Rochester Hills to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall health. When it comes to massage and pregnant women, there are many wonderful prenatal massage benefits. Are you interested in learning more about prenatal massage in Rochester, MI?

There is notable research showing that prenatal massage therapy is great for reducing anxiety, cutting back on depression symptoms, relieve sore muscles, and improve outcomes with labor. When you work with the right therapist for Rochester Hills prenatal massage, you will be able to address your needs with a tailored appointment and your choice of target areas. For most prenatal massage clients, the best option is what is known as Swedish Massage.

What is Swedish Massage for Prenatal Clients?

With Swedish massage methods, the goal is to relieve muscle tension while improving blood and lymphatic circulation using mild pressure to various muscle groups on the body. This is a highly-recommended massage style for pregnant women in Rochester Hills, MI, because it helps address a lot of the common discomfort brought on by hormonal shifts during pregnancy.

  • Hormonal Regulation

Taking a look at studies over the past decade or so, it has been shown that hormonal levels related to stress and relaxation get altered significantly when massage becomes part of prenatal care. Having regular massage appointments help to boost mood and improve overall cardiovascular health for the mother.

Note: Women who have a bi-weekly massage for around five weeks would note a reduction in hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine, both associated with stress. It also helped to boost serotonin and dopamine levels, which help to increase mood and battle depression.

  • Swelling Reduction

It is common for pregnant women to have edema, which is swelling that occurs in the joints. This is caused by increased pressure on certain blood vessels by the uterus, resulting in lowered circulation. With visits to a prenatal massage therapist in Rochester Hills, MI, you will have soft tissue stimulation and reduce the fluids collected in swollen joints. It can also help to move out toxins being carried throughout the lymphatic system.

  • Nerve Pain Improvement

Prenatal massage in Rochester, MI, is excellent for helping alleviate nerve pain. Many women in late pregnancy will have sciatic nerve pain while the heavy uterus is resting along the pelvic floor muscles and the lower back. Pressure on the uterus such as this causes the muscles of the leg to swell and put immense pressure on the nearby nerves. A good massage therapist will know how to address inflamed nerves, relieve this tension, and help to put the muscles at ease.

Of course, it is paramount that you only work with a certified prenatal massage therapist when you want to enjoy all of the benefits of prenatal massage in Rochester, MI. Here at JL Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork, we have the skilled staff you need to provide you with much-needed relief with a relaxing massage. Contact JL Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork for the best luxury massage services in Rochester, MI, by calling (248) 301-9777.

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