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Massage Rochester Hills

JL Therapeutics is a premier place for massage in Rochester Hills with a skilled team of masseuses and a serene ambiance. As one of the best spas in MI, we offer massage therapies like:

  • Swedish massage - Swedish massage involves gentle, long, and kneading strokes that helps relieve muscle tension. The effleurage, petrissage, friction, and tapotement strokes of a Swedish massage can make for the most relaxing and energizing experiences of your life.

  • Deep tissue massage - Deep tissue massage involves the use of slow, deep, and sustained pressure targetting the inner layers of your muscles and tissues. This type of massage therapy in Rochester Hills helps treat musculoskeletal issues, injuries and reduces muscle tension by lowering inflammation and promoting blood circulation.

  • Cupping massage - Cupping therapy is a type of Rochester Hills, MI, massage therapy that we use to alleviate pain, promote blood flow, and reduce inflammation. We use special cups to create a suction effect, which promotes deep relaxation and offers an array of health benefits.

  • Hot salt stone massage - A hot stone massage is one of the many types of Rochester Hills massage therapies to ease tense muscles and soft tissues. During this therapy, our massage therapist in Rochester Hills, Michigan, places flat, smooth, and hot stones on specific body parts, which alleviates muscle tension, pain, stress, anxiety, symptoms, and autoimmune diseases and promotes sleep. Hot stones are a type of volcanic rocks that retain heat for longer, offering deep relaxation and pain relief.

  • Prenatal massage - While women undergo several anatomical changes during pregnancy, which can cause pain and discomfort. Massage therapy releases muscle tension and promotes relaxation by stimulating the body to release its feel-good hormones. Besides, prenatal massage promotes blood circulation and supports your lymphatic system's functioning. We also recommend our prenatal massage to pregnant women with insomnia, joint pains, neck and back pain, sciatica, etc.

  • Graston technique - The Graston technique is a form of soft tissue mobilization that uses specific instruments to break down scar tissue and heal injuries. This massage technique soothes the connective tissues present all over your body by brushing against the scar tissue's grain. The Graston technique re-introduces small amounts of trauma to a body part, which causes inflammation and increases the rate of blood flow in and around the area. This will result in consistent self-healing effects.

  • Ashiatsu Massage - During an Ashiatsu massage session, our therapist will use their barefoot to exert pressure on specific muscles in your body. Ashiatsu elongates the muscles, improves posture, decreases pain, and reduces stress.

  • Assisted Stretching - Assisted stretching is a technique relying on our massage therapist to help you stretch specific muscle groups to promote mobility, pain relief, and flexibility. It is a gentle technique, customized according to each client's needs and goals.

Contact JL Therapeutics at 248.301.9777 to book a massage session. As a leading place for massage in Rochester Hills, our massage therapists create a customized treatment plan for each of our clients and help them attain deep relaxation, improve physical and mental wellness.

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