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Lymphatic Therapy Rochester Hills

The lymphatic system has several functions, including removal of waste from body tissues and fighting infections. When functioning optimally, lymph fluid flows through the vessels of the system to carry white blood cells and transport toxins from various

tissues. However, sometimes, this system gets blocked, affecting how it works. Without the seamless flow of the fluid in the vessels, it builds up in tissues and causes swelling. This undermines your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and fight infections, leading to stiffness in the affected areas.

At JL Therapeutics, we offer unexcelled lymphatic therapy in Rochester Hills, a technique used to unblock compromised lymph vessels. Alongside other lymphedema management methods, our premier massage therapy in Rochester MI, can significantly stimulate your lymphatic system.

Our Lymphatic Therapy

There are two main types of lymphedema, the condition that occurs when the lymphatic system is blocked. The first is primary lymphedema, which is congenital. This affects the development of lymph nodes and vessels, undermining their ability to flush toxins.

The second type is secondary lymphedema, which can be caused by:

  • Cancer, where a growing tumor blocks lymphatic vessels, restricting the flow of the fluid.

  • Radiation therapy for cancer, where lymphatic tissues are destroyed alongside cancerous ones.

  • Removal of lymph nodes in cancer surgery to curb the spread of the disease.

  • Injury, trauma, infections, and inflammatory conditions.

Symptoms of a blocked lymphatic system include swelling of arms and legs, recurring infections, aches, and a restricted range of motion. The massage we offer as part of lymphedema management in Rochester Hills can revitalize the system and promote lymph flow.

Massages that We Use for Lymphatic Therapy

At JL Therapeutics, we offer cupping and sinus cupping massages to improve flow within the lymphatic system.

  • Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy uses negative pressure to pull and lift body tissues instead of compressing them as traditional massages do. This opens the tissues up and allows the movement of the stagnant lymph fluid into the vessels.

The suction from the cup also boosts the circulation of blood, further improving the removal of toxins from the tissues. Cupping massage has been used for centuries in ancient Greek, China, and Egypt. Our lymphatic massage therapists in Rochester Hills, MI, have mastered its latest practices for maximum benefits.

  • Sinus Cupping

Sinus cupping also utilizes negative pressure, but we use it specifically for the facial area. Conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders cause swollen lymph nodes and aches around the jaws and face.

This can be alleviated by the improved flow of lymph fluid, which we achieve by manipulating the facial muscles through cupping.

Lymphatic massage works well when paired with compression garments, skincare, and exercise. Depending on the cause of your condition, our top therapists will advise you on other professional health care providers who can attend to you.

Gentle Care for Lymphedema

While massage presents a lot of benefits to the body, not every technique is perfect for lymphatic therapy in Rochester Hills. If you’re looking for the finest lymphedema treatment near Rochester Hills, we have a well-trained team of therapists who know the ideal therapies for your condition. Contact JL Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork for the best luxury massage services in Rochester MI: 248.301.9777.

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