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Deep Tissue Massage Rochester Hills

Deep tissue massage aims to realign the deep layer muscles. It's used for chronic aches and pain and contracted body parts like leg muscle tightness, low back pain, stiff neck, and sore shoulders. Although the strokes used in deep tissue massage are similar to those in classic massage therapy, the movement is slower. At the same time, the pressure is directed to the areas of tension and pain in order to reach the sub-layers of fascia and muscle. At JL Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork, our finest therapist will tailor your deep tissue massage in Rochester Hills to concentrate on areas of concern, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

The Benefits of Our Deep Tissue Massage

Below are ways a massage from our top-rated deep tissue massage therapist in Rochester Hills, MI, can benefit your mind and body.

  • Makes Movement Easier

As your body recovers from an injury, the result is scar formation. While common scars are those from visible cuts, they also occur deeper in your body in case of damage to the tendons, muscles, or ligaments. Deep tissue massage can resolve this kind of scarring, promoting a better range of motion and making movement easier.

  • Lessens Pain

A Rochester Hills deep tissue massage can help ease your pain. Massaging the skin slows the activity of cytokines which are responsible for inflammation and pain. It also boosts blood circulation, resulting in less pain. Further, massage increases the proteins that prompt your muscles to create more mitochondria responsible for muscle recovery from activity or injury.

  • Helps with Pregnancy and Labor

Labor pains are among the most intense pains a person can endure. Deep tissue massage therapy can reduce labor pains. And prior to labor, prenatal Rochester Hills massage aids pregnant women to ease tight muscles and relax.

  • Improves Sleep

Rochester's Hills Michigan deep tissue massage is credited for encouraging restful sleep, even for those with insomnia. Drastic changes in economic conditions and the climate can interfere with your sleep. But massage can improve your resting and sleeping patterns.

  • Eases Stress

Whenever you feel stressed out because of the demands of life, a deep tissue massage can relieve your stress. Studies reveal that massage increases the production of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Because deep tissue massage works on the deep layers of tissue in your body, it has a positive impact on arterial, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure. A 2008 research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed that a deep tissue massage for 45-60 minutes lowered the heart rate, diastolic, and systolic pressure of participants.

Find Therapeutic Relief from Our Deep Tissue Massage

The notion that short-term agony from your deep tissue massage in Rochester Hills will lead to long-term pain relief is a mistake many make. Luckily, your massage sessions with us will be customized to what you want. Our therapist will apply proper pressure to the desired areas in order to offer you the relief you're looking for. Contact JL Therapeutics Massage & Bodywork for the best luxury massage services in Rochester, MI: 248.301.9777.

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