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Cupping Therapy Rochester Hills

Does anyone recall the red and purple marks on Michael Phelps and other sportspeople in 2020? These swimmers bear marks as though they went to a rigorous bar fight the night before a sports performance. The telltale signs are indicative of a holistic healing therapy from the Chinese culture. The good news is you do not have to be an athlete to enjoy cupping therapy.

Cupping is an ancient healing medicine that stimulates blood flow and removes stagnation throughout the body. It helps users get rid of several illnesses and conditions by rebalancing the body’s natural flow of Qi energy. Here is everything you need to know before booking your cupping therapy in Rochester Hills.

What does cupping mean?

The cupping in Michigan treatment involves placing warm glass cups on the skin to draw the tissue into the cup. The method stimulates healing by breaking up scar tissue and stimulating blood flow. We remove them by lifting them from the edge to allow air to enter, break the seal, and vacuum underneath.

Benefits of cupping therapy

The Rochester Hills MI cupping therapy is beneficial for individuals with pain, injuries, and inflammation on tissues. It is also beneficial in reducing cell production, rejuvenating the face, and improving general emotional wellness. The most common conditions to treat include:

  • Fatigue

  • Irritability

  • Insomnia

  • Digestive issues

  • Congestion

  • Chronic pain

Does it hurt?

The suction will feel tight as the blood moves into the cup, but it will not hurt because the temperature does not irritate the skin. Good cupping acupuncturists in Rochester Hills will move the cup to another location with a strategic motion of approximately 5-20 minutes to allow the sensation to pass. We aim to make sure you are comfortable and leave the facility with a better mind and body. The body will acclimate to each passing cupping feeling, so you do not feel anything after the first couple of sessions.

The number of cups we use depends on the area and condition we are targeting. The therapist is likely to use fewer cups for minor issues, more for an intense treatment like chronic back pain.

The therapist may apply a lotion to the skin to have a smaller suction, and less pressure as the cup glides across the skin. The moving motion is excellent for treating congestion, indigestion, inflammation, and stagnation in the lymph system.

You may wonder why do the red marks form if the cupping therapy near Rochester Hills does not hurt. These marks are the results of trauma as the suction breaks the capillaries underneath the cup. A dark mark means the area has more stagnant fluids, blood, toxins, and lymph, which may clear up in a couple of hours or days. The marks will get significantly lighter as you get more frequent cupping therapy at JL Therapeutics.

Caring for cupping therapy

Our therapist offers detailed instructions on caring for your body after each cupping session. The most important is the importance of constant hydration and keeping the area covered and warm so the body continues to flush out extra toxins.

Our luxury massage facility has several Rochester Hills cupping therapy options, which we will communicate when you get in touch at 248.301.9777 today.

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