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Sporty Teens

teen sports

Sports massage works to decrease muscle tension, targeting specific muscles and tendons to relieve strain or stress.Teen athletes require additional consideration during treatment. Teen athletes’ bodies are still growing and developing, and as their bones and muscles are getting longer, the muscles will often feel sore or even painful—before the rigors and strain of athletic training.


Not only does sports massage reduce pain, but it also improves muscle flexibility and range of motion. This helps the growing body and also improves overall physical condition as well as athletic performance.

We treat teens for many reasons including, but not limited to what you see  below:

  • Football collisions

  • Falls in gymnastics, cheer and dance

  • Repetitive use injuries from throwing or swimming

  • Missteps on the basketball court or soccer field

  • Strained muscles from track or over-reaching in volleyball

Let our therapists come up with a plan to get you back into the activity.

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